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ACCIDENTAL BOUNTY - new release!


Drake Miller owed his two bosses a debt. To repay them, he agreed to train the newest bounty hunter. He thought a few days out in the field with the newbie would be a piece of cake. That was until he met the trainee: a pretty woman named Jinx with rainbow-colored hair. She was cute but not his type. Jinx was a walking accident waiting to happen. He should hand her off to someone else to deal with, but his pride refused to let a small slip of a woman bring him down. All he had to do was train her, set her out on her own, and walk away. How hard could it be?

Jane Jean “Jinx” Alexander started out as a troublesome teenager on the wrong path in life. Then she met two bounty hunters who helped her change her life for the better. Now she wanted to work for them as a bounty hunter in hopes of maybe helping someone else turn their lives around. The only obstacle in her way was Drake Miller, the well-built bounty hunter who was her trainer. He was gorgeous and sexy, but not her usual type. She was determined to stop him or anyone else from holding her back from her dreams. Jinx knew she could do this; all she had to do was ignore the sexy Drake and keep her eyes on her perps. How hard could that be?



Drake leaned against the wall with his arms over his chest and looked around at the people arriving trying to pick out this guy named Jinx. What kind of name was that anyway?

A couple of males had caught his attention because of their size, but one was greeted by his boyfriend and another actually looked like one of the perps they might be looking for. He checked his phone for any wanted pics, but didn’t get a match.

Then a crash caught his attention.

Looking up, he saw that a trolley with multitude of bags had been knocked over. Several people were yelling at a teenager, who was apologizing. The teen stood back up and started walking away, in his direction. Her hair was in multicolored pigtails. She wore a baggy t-shirt and jeans and was blowing bubble gum. Cute, but far from his type.

As she got closer, Drake could see that her face was pretty, delicate and innocent looking. She glanced at him with big blue eyes and smiled. She went from cute to gorgeous in two seconds. Damn, she was definitely jailbait. His body responded for some reason, which frustrated him. How long had it been since he had been laid? He glanced away trying to look at anyone but the tempting teenager approaching him.

“Hi! Are you here for me?”

He blinked looking down at the slip of a girl. Her voice didn’t match her looks at all. She had an innocent angelic face but her voice was husky and hinted at sexual promises. “Excuse me?”

She hefted a suitcase way too big for her. “Vic texted me that he was sending one of his men to pick me up since he was at the hospital.”

“Is your dad coming?” He looked behind her.

The girl snorted. “If you see my deadbeat dad, tell him to go to hell.”

“Should you be talking like that?” Drake asked. “Vic said I was picking up a guy named Jinx, but didn’t say he had a kid.”

She tilted her head and sighed. Putting her suitcase down she reached out her hand to him to shake. “I’m Jane Jean Alexander. Call me Jinx. I’m not a kid; I’m twenty-six years old. I get that a lot. Can you take me to my hotel now?”

Drake took her small hand in his and felt an electric current run through his body. He was confused over his response to her. What the hell was she supposed to be doing at the office? Answering the phones? There was someone that already did that; they didn’t need a second receptionist. He wasn’t sure what to say, but he figured he would start with his name. Suddenly he realized he was staring at her silently.

“I’m Drake Miller.”

She smiled at him, “Nice to meet you Drake.”

He had to ask he was just too curious. “Are you a new receptionist?”

“No. Can we leave? This thing is getting heavy.”

He quickly reached for the luggage and plucked it out of her hands. It wasn’t that heavy for him. She looked up at him in frustration. Well good. He was just as frustrated. His long legs made her jog to keep up with him, so Drake consciously made an effort to slow down. Glancing down at her face, a splattering of freckles caught his attention. She was probably shorter than Shy who was maybe five feet three on a good day. This female was simply...adorable. He felt oddly protective of her as teen boys and full-grown men checked her. He growled his displeasure.

“Are you okay?” she asked, looking up at him curiously.

He got lost in her blue eyes and didn’t look at where he was walking—big mistake. He walked into the next set of doors causing him to bounce backwards. He was more stunned than hurt.

“Oh my goodness!”


“Here, let me take my suitcase back.”

“No, I’ve got it. I’m fine. I was just distracted.” Distracted by your beautiful blue eyes, he thought to himself.

“Which hover car is yours?” she asked as she opened the door for him.

“The red truck.”

She looked at him, then the truck. “Of course.”



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