Earth had self-destructed and almost completely wiped out their entire species. A small number survived.

A alien race answered their call of help and were willing to help them rebuild their world.

But not everyone is happy with the aliens.



Maggie James was sixteen years old when the Earth self-destructed. She’s spent the years since fighting to protect herself and the band of subway-dwelling misfits who took her in. Every day is a struggle to survive, and she’s seen the best and the worst of humanity. Hope seems lost until a tall, gorgeous hunk of a man from another world appears out of nowhere. 

Captain Liam Estros a soldier for the Drastan Nation who has been sent to investigate a mayday call over five years old. Believing the detour a waste of time, he doesn’t take the hunt for survivors seriously until he’s captured and taken hostage by a small human woman. 

In a world torn asunder by ignorance and violence, some will always revel in the chaos, preying on those just trying to survive. Heroes will rise from the ashes, and hope will come from the stars. Two hearts and two species. They must both overcome terrible odds to find love in desolation. 


Up until recently, Rachel James’s life has been wonderful and carefree, bordering on the side of spoiled. She is the apple of her parents’ eye. However, she has had to learn to live in her big sister Maggie’s shadow, whom everyone had assumed was dead. But now, her sister is back from the dead. Rachel’s comfortable and easy life is turned upside down. On top of all that, Rachel has to fight off continuous unwanted attentions from one hunky but annoying alien, but while she is off her game, she finds it harder and harder to ignore her attraction to him. 

Lieutenant Kyle Estro of the alien nation of Drasta finally gets a lead assignment of his own to command. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a babysitting job for the healers to help with the Earth survivors. How is he to prove to his father, the Great Commander, that he is just as good as his big brother and he can be a true commander? But the one bright side to the assignment is that he gets to spend more time with the beautiful Rachel, the only woman who has resisted his charms so far. Their attraction turns quickly into more than either of them expected. 



Mediko Jared Estro is a brilliant scientist, head of the mediko team on the Drastan fleet, and a well respected member of the Drastan community. So why does he lose all common sense the moment he is around the beautiful human female? 

Lily Tyner survives losing her husband during a nuclear disaster and raised her young son in the most inhospitable environment. She will do anything to give her son Thomas a better life. Even if that means putting up with a self-righteous alien who is too good looking for his own good. 

Both of them are haunted by tragedies in their past. Nothing worth having is ever easy, which is what these two find out when someone else wants to claim Lily for their own. Will they let their past keep them from making a future together? Or will these two strong wills seek comfort in each other and in the end find their Atonement? 



A woman with no memory of who she is but is determined to make her own decisions.
A sexy alien who wants to keep her safe...among other things he would like to do to her.
Will they give in to their attraction?
Who knows what will happen during their Awakening.



Commander Devlon Estro has the survival of an entire race of people depending on him—and add his own people’s protection on top of that. His superiors are pressuring him to quickly get the Earth people set up to take care of themselves so that he could return to Drasta. The problem is that the Earth people are fighting his every effort and now there are threats to his people that he has to consider. One Earthling has been a constant thorn in his side, a very frustrating but a sexy and very beautiful thorn. 

Heather Bates has struggled her whole life to be taken seriously. First as a wife on Earth wanting to work against her husband’s wishes then in the workforce who favored men. That struggle continues even now. Someone wants to take her position as a tribe leader and they are willing to kill to make that happen. Her concentration should be on her people and protecting her status but thoughts of a sexy alien commander plague her every move. 

Can opposing sides come together for the betterment of life? Will hatred destroy everything they have worked for? Or will defy all obstacles? Only one way to find out is to take the journey with us in Defiance.