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Welcome to Strange Lake Falls. Population 5,100 and growing. The air is clean and the sky is clear blue. Here the residents are a mixture of mischievous humans, mysterious vampires, sexy shifters, and troublesome witches.

Stop by for a visit...if you dare.


In one night, Jackie Copley-Tegan’s normal ordinary life turned upside down. Her teenage daughter, Samantha, falls for the wrong guy, which nearly ended in tragedy. Both mother and daughter thrust into a new and unfamiliar world where werewolves and vampires are thriving among humans. 

Jackie will have to draw on every bit of strength she has in order to protect her only child, and learn how to cope with the changes in her life. Amongst the chaos a single piece of stability in the form of a young-looking, gorgeous five hundred year old vampire, rattles her to the core, and leaves her wondering just where her place is now. 

Adrian Belliveau rarely finds a reason to enjoy his life anymore, so when the pretty woman who is meant to be his mate enters the picture he embraces his destiny with open arms. They both will get more than they bargain for, as they combat lust, love, and jealousy to put down roots in an ever changing world. 


Mary Mags McGregor is an ordinary woman who married her high-school sweetheart, and stayed at home to raise her son. After losing her husband to cancer, and her son to college life, she did a short stint in the working world trying to keep busy. It didn’t take her long to find herself unemployed, lonely, and nursing an unhealthy fascination with the local werewolf Alpha. 

As one of the oldest pureblood Alpha werewolves left, Alpha Eric Nelson has an obligation to ensure that his lineage continues by mating a female werewolf. Unfortunately he faces two big obstacles; female werewolves are extremely rare and therefore hard to find, and his wolf has grown attached to a human female.

While fighting their attraction to each other, Mary and Ric become entangled in a political tug-of-war. Face to face with the very real possibility of losing Ric forever, will Mary be able to leave her comfort zone and admit her feelings, or will she hide behind Ric’s familial duties? And when he’s forced to choose between Mary, and his pack, how will Ric prioritize for his future? Together they will find out if true love really does conquer all. 


Lila Draken is a 2000-year-old natural born vampire. She is one of the last born of pure blood vampire parents. She is considered royalty among the existing vampires, Mistress of her Clan. But she doesn’t feel royal, she feels out of place. She awakens after centuries of a self-imposed sleep and comes to the small town of Strange Lakes Falls to seek out her future. Little does she know that her past and future will collide, nor does she see the danger that will come from that collision. In the center of all the chaos is a tall, dark, and handsome werewolf that she can’t ignore. 

Laws Carrington is back in Strange Lake Falls and he is shocked at the changes he finds. A new pack and a new Alpha have taken over the town. Not only that, but the wolf pack shares the town with a vampire clan, which was almost unheard of in his time. He plans to challenge for his old position as Beta, and is looking forward to resuming his normal life. At least he thinks he is, until a sexy female vampire shows up needing protection. The attraction he feels is taboo. A werewolf can’t mate with a vampire. But his wolf has other ideas. 

They come from two species that have warred with one another for centuries. They both must learn to overcome their prejudices and fear to find common ground. Will they be able to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles and dangers that surround them? Can they overcome their misgivings and let their hearts rule? 


Connor McGregor is a changed man, in more ways than one. After a year of searching South America for the man responsible for what happened to him, Connor is left with more questions than answers. He must delay his search so that he can return home to see his family once more and to face the sexy she-wolf that has been haunting his dreams. 

The werewolf soothsayers have put Roxanne Jaspers on notice, either she finds a mate now or may have to wait a century for another chance. None of the werewolves she knows interest her or her wolf, and thoughts of a gorgeous human have been plaguing her lately. It has taken everything in her not to seek him out after he left for South America. No matter how hard she has tried, she has been unable to forget him. With time dwindling she must choose a path: find a mate or live another century alone 

When danger follows Connor home, they’re both put on high alert. They must decide whether they will sacrifice each other for the greater good of others? Or follow their hearts?



Lucas is a pureblood Alpha who needs a mate to carry on his lineage. 
Diana is a powerful soothsayer who is determined to escape her fate. 
Unexpected circumstances bring this unlikely pair together, and the sparks fly between them. 
Will they be able to overcome their prejudices and stand together against those that would tear them apart? 
There is magic to be found in Gypsy Wolf! 


Samantha has finally come home after being away at business school. She has her degree and is ready to return to her life in her hometown. She is dating a wonderful man she met in school and her life is perfect…almost. She just has to resolve these irritating old feelings she has for her stepfather’s head of security.

Brock has been waiting years to finally claim Samantha as his own. There have been obstacles in his way, one of them being her overprotective stepfather and his boss. Keeping her at a distance was for her safety, maybe that was a mistake and he took too long. Now, she returns home but she's not alone and danger follows her. He has to face the fact that he could lose her to another forever. That is unacceptable to him.

Strange things happen in Strange Lake Falls, especially when it involves an undeniable love and a Forbidden Wolf!


Jay is a werewolf who isn’t looking for anything permanent until a sweet little thing crashes into his world. Two complete opposites meet and sparks go off. It would be fine if someone wasn’t trying to kill the woman his wolf wants to claim.

Cat is a witch who has to find a place to set down roots and work her magic. Her only problem is a sexy werewolf who just doesn't know how to take no for an answer. She really doesn't have time to deal with this growing attraction, but some things just can’t be ignored.

Don’t miss out on the next adventure in this tiny little town of Strange Lake Falls.
There’s a blue moon coming and this witch is going to be ready for it.