They came from another galaxy to help Earth, but it was the women of Earth who were their saviors.

Come on an adventure of a lifetime!

Katieran Prime

​Labeled a fugitive from Earth’s government, Cassie Tomlin finds herself on the run and being hunted by her ex-boyfriend. She is desperate but how far is she willing to go to start a new life? Is she desperate enough to agree to live on another planet with strange and sexy aliens? As Cassie takes a leap of faith, she finds an inner strength she didn’t know she had. Along the journey she meets a man who sparks a fire within her. But will he be worthy of her? 

Prime Leader RendEL has been given the task of overseeing the repopulation of his home world of Katiera. The primitive planet of Earth offers females that are both beautiful and compatible. This would mean a new start in life for Earth and for his own people. However, Ren finds one Earth female to be a lot more than what he had bargained for. Will he be able to fulfill his responsibilities to his people and follow the path of his heart? Or will he have to sacrifice one in order to have the other? 

She is a woman on a journey of self-discovery. He is a man trying to save his people. Circumstances brought their two worlds together. Can love keep them together? 

Prime Commander

Jaxon Malone is a Captain in the Air Force for the Earth World Government. She is sent on an espionage mission to the alien planet of Katiera. She finds herself torn between her loyalties to her home world Earth, and the new feelings she is developing towards the people of Katiera and their Commander. Will she choose to break the ties that bind her to a dying home world? Or . . . Will she embrace her new life, and with it, a love far greater than any she could have imagined?

Prime Commander KydEL must negotiate an alliance between the two alien nations of Kiljor and Katiera. The moment he meets the female warrior from Earth, she turns his world upside down. The female causes unexpected mating urges to rise up within him. It is distracting and disruptive. He makes every effort to ignore her and the mating urges driving him day and night.


Will he be able to succeed with the negotiations before an all-out war descends? Will he overcome the mating urges or will he finally give in to them? Or will he wait too long and lose her to a rival?

Prime Medic

Dr. Katrina Morris,Kat to her close friends, has fought all her life to be taken seriously because of her having been a child prodigy and attending medical school at a young age. Even years later she still struggles with others that are threatened by her intelligence and her talent. She finds herself frustrated with the way her career has stagnated. She know she needs a challenge. When an opportunity arises for her to travel to a new and strange world, she doesn’t think twice before taking that risk. However, she finds herself attracted to two men. One man teaches her about her new world and she begins to care for him. The other man continually pushes her professionally and personally at the same time that he intrigues her more than any person ever has. 

Prime Medic SydEL has taken over the research on the viral mutation that prevented the Katieran people from being able to successfully breed with one another. He has a great deal of responsibility and his people are counting on him. He doesn’t have time for distractions. But the biggest distraction he has ever known is dropped right in his Medic Wing in the form of a small, beautiful female from another planet. The female is continually asking questions, getting in his way, turning his emotions inside out. She creates urges in him that he thought he was above feeling. Making his urges even worse, the female is wanted by another male. 

Will Kat be able to prove her skills as a doctor and a scientist? Will her romantic feelings get in the way? Will she give herself over to the needs burning within her? Which man will she choose? Will SydEL keep his mind free to complete his research? Will he give in to the cravings he has for one small female? Or will he fight his feelings and risk losing the only female he has ever had feelings for to a rival? Two worlds collide and three people’s lives will change irrevocably 

Kiljorn Prime


Lindsey Carreli doesn't think twice when she accepts the position offered to her as the Katieran Legal Advisor for Earth Relations. It is a high profile position. It is, also, a new start for her and her family. She likes the aliens and is surprised by her easy attraction to the Leader of Katiera. But it is the Leader of the Kiljorn Nation that she finds herself falling hopelessly in love with. The problem is the Kiljorn Leader is a planning to spend his life with another woman.

Kiljorn Prime Leader KadEN must protect his people from an impending attack by the Morins. KadEN seeks to negotiate an alliance between the Kiljorn Nation and the Katieran Nation, which will add numbers to their military forces. To secure the alliance, KadEN offers to mate with the Katieran Prima. However, his plans are disrupted when he meets a frustrating Earth female that sparks his mating urges and causes his blood to boil. How can he pursue a relationship with the lovely Earth female if he is honor bound to mate with another?

Will Lindsey be able to fight her attraction to KadEN? Will her involvement prevent two nations from forming a much needed alliance? Or will she find the courage to pursue a relationship with the Kiljorn Leader in spite of all the odds stacked against them? Will KadEN overlook his obligations to his people or will he find a way to overcome the mating urges? Can these two that fate has brought together overcome the obstacles getting in their way and finally meet their heart's desire.

Prime Deliverance

Prima AriELa has put her life on hold for years, ever since the death of her family. An opportunity arises that gives her a choice to begin her life anew. All she has to do is accept the offer to mate with the Leader of the Kiljorns, a neighboring nation. The two nations must come together and combine their military forces against a common enemy, the Morins. The leaders hope that the mating will secure the alliance agreement between the two nations. AriELa is determined to serve her people of Katiera. However, she is caught off guard by the return of a man she thought was lost to her. With his return brings feelings she had tried to bury deep within her.


Security Liaison TarAK has been training for years to take over security for the Prime family of Katiera, a position his father held most of his life until he died. When he returns to the City of Katiera to take on his new position, he is taken off guard by the striking beauty of Prima AriELa. He has always thought of her as a lovely young female, but without his knowledge she has grown into a gorgeous adult female. One that attracts the attention of other males. Unwelcome feelings stir within him for her that he must fight off. Those feelings only intensify when another male wants to mate with her.


Will TarAK be able to fight his feelings for her? Or will he give in to those feelings and finally claim her for his own? Will AriELa choose to follow her duty to her people and mate the Kiljorn Prime Leader? Or will she give in to the feelings she has always had for TarAK and finally know her destiny? Will forces pull these two apart forever or will love give them the ultimate deliverance?

Prime Salvation

Lieutenant Lucinda Daniels, Lucy to her close friends, wants only to start a new life on a new planet. She has a tragic past that has haunted her for years. She hopes that by traveling thousands of galaxies away to the planet Katiera, she would finally be able to put her past behind her. However, she learns she cannot run from her past when it follows her and resurfaces in a new way--through the tortured soul of a missing Prime.

Prime ConEL is finally free from years of captivity by his people's enemy the Morins. Though he is reunited with his family, he feels lonelier than ever. He is not the male he once was. He is no longer the Prime Commander of Katiera. His children do not need him and he is unable to connect with others because he is still trapped with his memories of what was done to him and his family. He does not know how to deal with starting over and he especially doesn't know how to deal with the female warrior, Lucy.

Their road is rocky. Can ConEL let go of his need for revenge? Will Lucy overcome her own past and allow herself to love again? Lucy saved ConEL's life; however, will she save his soul from an eternity of torture and misery?

Colonial Prime
Leader LarIS needs to find help for his people. Though they have females, they have not been successful with their breeding. The women have more miscarriages than full term births. His medics are stumped. After many covert missions to collect Intel, he discovers that Katiera and Kiljor are forming an alliance. With this alliance they are offering aid to one another in seeking to solve the breeding issues. When he agrees to meet with them, he learns the other two nations located females from another galaxy away who are breeding compatible. When he travels to Kiljor, he finds more than the potential for an alliance. He meets a female that connects to him on every level and has him tearing through the Galaxy to keep her at his side. 

Lola Marquesa has been deaf her whole life. She has learned to live life on her own that way and in turn, becomes a teacher for children with disabilities. She has read the aliens called Katierans, have technology that could easily translate languages. She is intrigued and wants to see if this technology could help children with disabilities. She decides to travel to the alien world and study their technology. Their
translator they implanted her with actually translated to her brain which was incredible. The technology could change the life of so many hearing impaired. And what could they offer those who were blind. During an unexpected attack by the enemy nation called the Morins, Lola is taken as a prisoner and suffers torture and abuse. She had given up hope. Then by a miracle she is rescued by a man with strange eyes and the ability to speak mind-to-mind with her. 
KP Celebration

In book 7.5 of the Katieran Prime Series: It has been over a month since one of the Morin transport ships went through the wormhole. Without the exact coordinates, it will take the Morins possibly months to locate Earth. Earth is not ready to face this kind of threat, so the leaders of the four nations of Earth, Katiera, Kiljor, and the Colonial Planet begin to make their plans in a joint effort to eliminate the threat once and for all. Along with the plans to handle the Morin threat, a celebration is being planned that will hopefully unit all four nations even more—the End of Year Celebration. Though the celebration is not what the Katieran males are used to, they would do anything to please their bond mates. 

Revisit Katiera and all the characters you have come to know and love. See where they are now and what is happening in their lives. Join in with their celebration. Find out what is next for the alliance of nations. Also as a special treat, the Katieran Culture Guide Book is included.

Kiljorn Commander

Commander TylOR of the Kiljorn nation has a mission, to guard the wormhole from their enemies. He shares this mission with the half brother that he only recently met. The two brothers don’t get along. To make matters worse, the one female that has plagued him since he first met her is going to be traveling with him. His brother tortures him with constantly flirting with the female. TylOR fights his inner battle to claim the female. If he doesn’t soon encounter an enemy he can kill, he might have to take out his brother while waiting. 

Dr. Elizabeth, Lizzie, Connell has a PhD in linguistics, a doctorate in social cultures, and a doctorate in foreign languages. She has traveled all over Earth learning new cultures and experiencing the thrill of living on the edge. When she travels to Katiera she thinks it will be the pentacle of her academic career. Lizzie gets a lot more education than she anticipated. First she is almost captured by the Katierans’ long time enemy the Morins, and then she is sort of rescued by the most egotistical man she has ever met. Also, he is the most attractive man she has ever met, one that she is having a hard time ignoring. Lizzie survives one battle from the Morins, only to find herself fighting an internal battle of wills that she fears has an inevitable outcome. 

Katieran Prime Miracle

Medic JadEN is called back to Katiera to help with the new problems developing with inter-species breeding. He is forced to work side by side with Kat, the female he lost to another male, and with the male she mated. Tensions are high as JadEN realizes that he still cares for Kat. He hopes that traveling to Kiljor on a research mission will give him the space he needs to overcome his lingering feelings. What he doesn’t expect is to encounter a new female who draws his attention like no other. The more time he spends with Rose, the more addicted he becomes. She is a habit he fears will be hard to break. 

Rose Garrett is a therapist from Earth, a dedicated medical professional. So when she realizes that she’s developed feelings for one of her patients, she must find a way to resolve it or risk losing the position she’s worked so hard to achieve. She feels time away would benefit her, so she agrees to travel to Kiljor to help the returning Kiljorns adjust to life after experiencing a trauma. The trip is over-shadowed by the irritating Katieran doctor who does nothing but get in her way. She could overlook him having a difficult personality, but what she can’t overlook is how her body responds to his. 

Two lovers find themselves caught up in the middle of civil unrest. Nations must join alliances in order to defeat an enemy among their own people. What will it take to bring two people together who seem so different, but long for the same thing? Join JadEN and Rose as they search for their own miracle. 

Colonial Commander

AshOR finally has command of his own ship, and he’s been given an important mission to head up. He has to locate a rogue Morin ship that managed to get through the wormhole, before it reaches Earth. He expects to face battle, and he’s used to fighting. What he doesn’t expect is the trail of horror and destruction left by the Morins. Stopping his people’s enemy is his top priority, and he doesn’t need the complication of a stunning beauty that won’t listen to anything he has to say. In fact, she does the exact opposite. 

Ava Collins is a FEMA volunteer who’s seen a lot of bad stuff in her lifetime. However, none of it prepares her for what she encounters while leaving Earth to travel to a new world. War, hate, genocide: these are things that she finds are universal. She offers her assistance to the commander of the Colonial transport, but he doesn’t seem to trust that she knows what she’s doing. And he’s not ignoring her suggestions and advice; he’s flirting with her outrageously. 

During times of struggle and strife different species must come together to aid one another. Can they overcome the common enemy who seeks to tear them apart? Will these two overcome their own reluctance in order to allow love in their hearts? 


Kiljorn Interrogator StrykER must infiltrate the Purist rebellion in order to discover what kind of threat is posed to the Katieran and Kiljorn nations. His unique abilities make him the perfect candidate. He knows it will be dangerous, that he might not make it back alive. What he doesn’t expect is to find a female who needs his survival skills to save her. 

Melody Song had always wanted to be a singer, ever since she was a little girl back on Earth. Her career was starting to take a dive when the opportunity of a lifetime arrived in the form of an alien relocation program. She signed up to travel with the aliens to their home world of Katiera. She expected to see new solar systems, strange and different cultures, and hot alien men. What she didn’t plan on was being kidnapped and threatened just for being human. 

Two strangers are thrust together in a hostile environment and must learn to trust one another if they want to survive the...Infiltration. 


Katieran Commander LemAN has suffered a great loss and sworn never to let anyone get close to him again. He focuses instead on protecting his people. Now he has been tasked with seeking out the remaining Morin transport. The problem is his success depends on an alien female intent on driving him insane. He might be able to complete his mission but he’s not sure how long he can resist her.

Teagan White is a communications expert from Earth who is traveling to Katiera. An adventure to new worlds on board a ship full of sexy aliens is her fantasy come true. She loves a good challenge and now her expertise is needed to help track down the Morins, the long-time enemy of the Katieran nation. She finds herself especially attracted to their commander, LemAN. She wouldn’t mind exploring a little more of him. 

A distress call is answered that could divide the Katieran Prime allies or start the nations on a path to healing. Sometimes the danger isn’t visible, but hiding within. Will LemAN and Teagan give in to their pull of attraction or allow their differences to tear them apart? Will the Katierans and their allies brave the turmoil and find what has been missing in Discovery?


Commander MarIK made a decision that led him down the wrong path. Now he has to find a way to help the Katierans and protect the beautiful negotiator who was in danger. Then he can take his own vengeance against the leader who used him and others and now made alliances with the enemy. OrIN had finally gone too far; MarIK would not let this slide. A day of reckoning was coming. May the Goddess help any who stood in the way.


They were two people from two different worlds. Can love bring them together or will hate tear them apart? Will justice finally be served? The journey continues in the next book in the Katieran Prime series.



CristOF is a renowned tracker for the Kiljorn Nation. There isn’t anything that he can’t find. So when he’s tasked with investigating suspicious activity on the far side of Kiljor, he takes the mission without question. He’s faced battles and hunted dangerous creatures, but nothing could prepare him for the riskiest adventure yet—falling in love.


Tera Kincaid is an elementary-school science teacher fascinated with other worlds. She heads up the new school system on Kiljor, which will incorporate the children expected to come from the new foster program that Katiera and Kiljor are starting. Her adventure takes a turn when she meets a sexy alien tracker who makes her heart race and her body roar with need.


Soon the predator becomes they prey.

Danger surrounds them, and only by working together can they survive being HUNTED.


(Katieran Prime book 16)

What happens when a doctor from Earth meets a sexy male alien that fulfills her vine-swinging ape-man fantasies? Explosive passion and an adventure of a lifetime. The bestselling science fiction series Katieran Prime gives us another great installment with Resurgence.

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