Mix MMA fighting with sexy aliens and you have the Galactic Cage Fighters. 

There's only one way out of the cage....WIN!


Special Agent Rachel Kegan of the Intergalactic Department of Justice is sent on an undercover assignment. She must pose as a fighter for the Galactic Cage Fighters Association, GCFA, in order to investigate the disappearances of several human women. In the midst of all the blood and broken bones common in this sport, she finds herself attracted to a half-human, half-alien fighter with an inner beast--literally.

Rage the Animal is angry that a pure human female has been hired to travel on the GCFA tour circuit. No matter what he says or does, or how hard he tries to intimidate the little human, she refuses to quit. Normally he could ignore the human, but something about her stirs his inner beast and leaves the man--unable to resist.



Lindy is finally finished with school. Now she wants a taste of freedom before she begins the life her parents have planned out for her since childhood. She admits to being sheltered but doesn't believe she's spoiled. She believes in hard work and persistence. She and her college friends are going to celebrate their graduation at the one event that has Lindy enthralled, the GCFA Cage Fighting match. She gets more than just a good show, she meets a man that fires her up and leaves her craving more. Her infatuation quickly deepens. However, she is in more danger than just losing her heart.

Talon lives his life simple and easy, just how he likes his women. But when he encounters a captivating little human, all that changes for him. He is determined to have her at any cost. He finds that once with her would never be enough and craves more. Unfortunately, he's not the only one who becomes obsessed with the little human. Someone else wants her for himself and he will kill anyone who gets in his way.


Maya is looking for a change of pace. Being a full blood Arian, she is sheltered against the human elements. She is tired of being kept in the dark and wants to know what the real world is like. She takes a job as a ring girl for the GCFA. The moment she meets Taurus she is instantly attracted to him but is reluctant to her charms. After Maya witnesses something suspicious, she is in danger and Taurus can no longer keep himself from her.

Taurus the Ape Man is one of the popular GCFA fighters. It's a living, one that pays well and he is in charge of what happens with his career. The females find his unique abilities appealing. Little do they know how unique his abilities were. After the abuse he suffered growing up in the orphanage and then in the breeding programs, he doesn't care to get close to anyone especially females. When he meets the halfsie Arian hired to be a ring girl, his senses go crazy. He fights his attraction but it is a losing battle. Once she is in danger, all bets are off.


​They call her--Zara the Amazon. She has been a fighter from birth, a fighter growing up, and a fighter with a life's mission, so it made sense for her to fight for a living. The Galactic Cage Fighter Association is the ideal venue. She is paid to do something she enjoys, which is fighting and kicking ass. At the same time, it takes her all over the different regions where she can continue her search for the prize possession that had been taken from her years ago. What she doesn't count on is having to fight these strange overwhelming feelings she develops for a very attractive human.

Special Agent Trig Roberts agrees to help the female fighter with her search. It is part of his job and he is the best at what he does. He travels with the GCFA while doing his investigation and finds himself frustrated when the beautiful leggy woman wants to be an active participant. He normally doesn't allow the inexperienced to get involved with his investigations, but he has a hard time turning her down. As they spend more time together, he realizes there is more to the woman than she allows the world to see. He wants to know more and more about the mysterious woman.



The Sledge Hammer is one tough, mean, fighter for the Galactic Cage Fighters Association. He doesn't take crap from anyone and if a person makes the mistake of pissing him off, they will pay for it ... painfully. A terrible tragedy leaves the halfsie fighter the sole guardian of his sister's children. His life is about to be turned upside down and inside out.  He prides himself on being able to handle any kind of situation that arises. He is unafraid of anyone or anything except for ... the kids.

Molly Maynard is ready for a fresh start. Her divorce that she has been waiting two long years for is finally within her grasp. She wants a new life for herself free of her lying, cheating ex-husband. She ends up homeless, jobless, and with limited funds available to her. With few choices remaining, she agrees to take a job traveling with the Galactic Fighters Association as a nanny for one of their fighters. But her ex-husband continues to cause problems for her even from a distance.


Zen the Sin is the hottest male in the Galaxy according to the Galactic Times and every woman who attends a GCFA fight. Being charming comes naturally to Zen, giving him the ability to play the part of the Galactic Cage fighter playboy--well. So when the Galactic Times sends a female to do a two week long expose; it should have been just another day in the life of Zen the Sin. Problem is, she doesn't seem to fall for his usual playboy routine nor does she seem swayed by his good looks.

Shawna Baker jumps at the opportunity by the magazine she works for and agrees to do an in-depth interview with the fighter known as Zen the Sin. She has been waiting for this day to come for years, a chance to travel on the Galactic Cage Fighters ship and get to learn about a man from her past. The only drawback is having to deal with a well-known womanizer but decides that if he gives her a hard time then she would dig up dirt on him, there should be plenty. What she doesn't count on, is Zen isn't all he seems to be--he has many layers. 


​Left with no choice, Isis flees her home world and goes to the one place her own people would never think to look for her. She signs on as a fighter for the Galactic Cage Fighters Association on the halfsie side. A new start for a new life, in a career she loves and friends she adores. Unexpectedly, she finds herself attracted to the wrong male. Her only problem, her new life may be threatened as those that wish to control her and return her to her old life close in on her. 

Torch is a Voltan halfsie fighting for the Galactic Cage Fighters Association. He joined the GCFA so he could get to know his niece that he never knew existed. Torch knows he has a tendency to self-destruct but can’t seem to stop drowning his loneliness in alcohol and females. That was until her—Isis. The one female who refuses his flirtations, which drives him crazy. How could any female deny him? 

Torch is fire and Isis is ice. The moment Torch sees her he knows he has to have her. And he is the one temptation Isis cannot deny. Do they give in to their mutual attraction or will their passion erupt and burn them both? Alternatively, will the truth of who Isis is pull them apart forever? 


Maxim is a droid halfsie, part human and part android, created in a lab. Now free from the madman that converted him, he must find a way to make a new life for himself. In an effort to put his past behind him, he takes a job as a fighter for the Galactic Cage Fighter Association. Unfortunately, he soon learns that the position comes with some unwanted benefits, like constantly being surrounded by adoring fans. It’s a situation that’s definitely all new for him, and he has to work hard to adjust. Just when he thinks he has finally moved on and gotten used to his new life, he discovers that the past cannot simply be ignored forever. 

Alona is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful halfsie women in the world. But human men only seem to seek her out when they want to display her as their trophy, and most halfsie men see her delicate features as far too human-like. Just as she feels ready to give up on the hope of a real relationship, she meets a droid halfsie that attracts her like no other. The more she tries to fight her attraction, the more she seems to want him. 

Will Maxim let down his guard and allow Alona to see him for who he is? Will Alona overcome her disenchanted view of relationships and give Maxim a chance to prove there is more to him than the surface? Can they find their way to one another while surviving the dangers surrounding them? 



Haunted by the memory of an incredible night in the arms of an amazing woman, Ronin is frustrated that she now acts like she wants nothing to do with him. He refuses to accept that. Growing up with nothing of his own, he’s fought hard to leave behind a world of mindless fighting and drug abuse. He wants a fresh start, and he’s ready to fight for what he wants most. 

Sersan has been lonely her whole life, despite having an overprotective brother and a handful of friends. As a Reptan, half human and half Leptan, she is too different to be easily accepted by either species. She’s always done what was expected of her, but she longs to do something for herself. One moment of weakness brought her a night of passion in the arms of a man she’s always admired, and for the first time she feels desirable and loved. Letting him go is a lot harder than she ever expected, and she realizes her moment of weakness has come with a cost.

With seemingly insurmountable odds against them, these two seem fated to go their separate ways, lonely and broken. Is there any chance they will find that the best things in life are worth fighting for? 


Nigel has worked hard to earn the position as rep for the Galactic Cage Fighter Association. He even sacrificed his personal life putting his fighters first. Now, everything he has worked for is being threatened and he could lose it all, including the female he can't live without. 

Amelia Anne Jones was nothing if not persistent. That persistence got her through school and helped her get the jobs she sought. It even got her hot sexy nights with men way out of her league. By men she really meant just one man out of her league, Nigel, her boss. Talk about stirring the pot. 

One night of passion leads to complications neither of them could have foreseen. What will these two strong willed people do when their relationship is exposed? Forsake it or fight for what they want, each other. 


He’s an alien and ex-fighter from the streets turned businessman. 
She’s a human computer genius with a taste for the wild side. 
What happens when a strong, domineering man meets his match? 
Fireworks like nothing the galaxy has ever seen!

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Two strong spirits, two vulnerable hearts.

Everything he had cared for went up in smoke, but Phoenix rose from the ashes to reclaim his life.

Olivia was determined to not let her DNA dictate how she lived her life and sought justice for those who were defenseless.

They both have denied parts of themselves.

Will they be able to fill in the missing pieces with one another?


Esan should be happy with his life. He has a great career with the Galactic Cage Fighters Association and his sister is happily mated. However, after watching his sister and his friends find their mates and start their families, he feels that maybe it is time for him to find a mate of his own. Unfortunately, he is more interested in the event planner than the females who are supposed to be his potential mates.

Battle Royal cover NEW 2.jpg

elcome all to the Triennial Galactic Battle Royale Games. Here is where the best of the best come to test their mettle. Only the strongest of warriors will come out on top.


Roxy the Wildcat will finally participate in the Battle Royale. For some fighters, it is the pentacle of their career. Her one problem? She has to partner with the most infuriating, cocky, and sexiest male she has ever known. Ramsey the Great is just as determined to win as she is. They may have a chance — if they can keep their hands to themselves.