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Strange Lake Falls WITCH



Jay is a werewolf who isn’t looking for anything permanent until a sweet little thing crashes into his world. Two complete opposites meet and sparks go off. It would be fine if someone wasn’t trying to kill the woman his wolf wants to claim.

Cat is a witch who has to find a place to set down roots and work her magic. Her only problem is a sexy werewolf who just doesn't know how to take no for an answer. She really doesn't have time to deal with this growing attraction, but some things just can’t be ignored.

Don’t miss out on the next adventure in this tiny little town of Strange Lake Falls.

There’s a blue moon coming and this witch is going to be ready for it.



A room of powerful beings and she could feel their energy. It was a little seductive.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

She turned to face one of the sexiest men she had ever met—Jay Baker. He was part of the wolf pack and had a twin brother named Rod. The two of them were hard to miss when they walked into a room. Having him stare at her with such intensity made her body react. Her nipples hardened and she felt her panties dampen.

“Is it warm in here?” She waved her hand in front of her face trying to cool down.

“It might be, all of us werewolves can put off a lot of body heat. Come, we’ll go outside and cool down.”

She felt his hand at the small of her back and let him lead her outside through the French doors. It was a wonderful night and the cool breeze helped relieve her body from overheating. They stopped a few feet away from the pool. Cat looked up at the stars and smiled.

“This is much better. The stars are beautiful.”

She felt him next to her and he leaned down to whisper in her ear. “They don’t compare to you little Cat.”

Cat wanted nothing more than to have him take her into his arms and kiss her, but he didn’t. It disappointed her. She shook her thoughts, she barely knew Jay but she was drawn to him. When he was near, she couldn’t look away and she found herself wanting to spend more time with him.

“I hear that you and your grandmother plan to stay in Strange Lake Falls.”

“Yes, if I can find a permanent job.”

“I’m sure you will.”


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