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By KD Jones


Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. M/F Kiljorn Interrogator StrykER must infiltrate the Purist rebellion in order to discover what kind of threat is posed to the Katieran and Kiljorn nations. His unique abilities make him the perfect candidate. He knows it will be dangerous, that he might not make it back alive. What he doesn’t expect is to find a female who needs his survival skills to save her. Melody Song had always wanted to be a singer, ever since she was a little girl back on Earth. Her career was starting to take a dive when the opportunity of a lifetime arrived in the form of an alien relocation program. She signed up to travel with the aliens to their home world of Katiera. She expected to see new solar systems, strange and different cultures, and hot alien men. What she didn’t plan on was being kidnapped and threatened just for being human. Two strangers are thrust together in a hostile environment and must learn to trust one another if they want to survive the...Infiltration.


Melody watched the viewing screen, silently clutching her seat as the warships from the Purist base circled the area. A couple of times she thought they were found out, but the warships moved off and went in a different direction.

“Was that it?”

StrykER shook his head. “They’ll be back. We need to wait until they return to the luna surface.”

She sighed. “What do we do until then?”

StrykER unbuckled his belt and turned to look at her. There was a look in his eyes that made her shiver with need.

“I need to know.”

She was confused. “Know what?”

“What this is going on between us.”

“I’m not sure…”

“I want to tear your clothes off and fuck you until we both pass out.” He went there. She glanced nervously up at the viewing screen. Her body was heating up just thinking about what he said. “Now isn’t exactly the right time for—that.”

“When would be a good time? When we make it to Kiljor? After you return to Katiera? When I am called away on another mission? There may not be a perfect time for us to figure this out. I want to know if it’s just a physical attraction or more.”

He was right. She could make up a number of excuses to not get close to StrykER, but her biggest issue was fear. She was afraid to get close to someone and open her heart, just to havethat person turn around and walk out.

There were times in her past when she had serious relationships, but even then she managed to keep a part of herself locked away. Looking at StrykER, she knew he would see right through her; he would tear down the walls and have direct access to her heart.

That was why she preferred to have one-night stands or short affairs, to keep things controlled and simple. If no feelings were involved, then her heart would be protected. She lived her life like that, ever since her father died and her mother broke down. This was exactly the reason her mom wanted her to leave Earth. She wanted Melody to start fresh, have a chance to have love and a family of her own.

She jerked in surprise when she felt his warm hands take hold of hers. “Do you not feel this connection between us?”

“I do.” She whispered nervously. She looked at him. He was now on his knees and moved her chair to turn toward him.

“I’m going to kiss you, Melody.”

That was the only warning she got before he pulled her against him and kissed her. She melted in his arms. It was like a light was suddenly turned on inside her and it was so bright that it cast away all the shadows inside her.



Author Contacts:

Twitter: @authorkdjones

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