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Katieran Commander LemAN has suffered a great loss and swore never to let anyone get close to him again. He focuses on protecting his people. Now he has been tasked with seeking out the remaining Morin transport. The problem is, his success depends on an alien female intent on driving him insane. He might be able to complete his mission but he's not sure how long he can resist her.

Teagan White is a communications expert from Earth who is traveling to the new planet called Katiera. An adventure to new worlds on board a ship full of sexy aliens is her fantasy come true. She loves a good challenge and now her expertise is needed to help track down the Morins, the long-time enemy of the Katieran Nation. She finds herself especially attracted to their commander LemAN. She wouldn’t mind exploring a little more of him.

A distress call is answered that could divide the Katieran Prime allies or start the nations on a path to healing. Sometimes the danger isn’t visible, but hiding within. Will LemAN and Teagan give in or fight the pull of attraction? Will they allow their differences to tear them apart? Will the Katierans and their allies brave the turmoil and find what has been missing in Discovery?




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