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Nolan Banks, Alpha of the Bank Tigers faces many things in his role as the leader of his kind. When he meets Skylar, she’s the most intriguing woman he’s ever seen. His instincts scream at him he can trust her, but she represents everything he hates most; Dragon shifters. He has to decide if she is gathering information for her brother, and use her to discover their weaknesses and use that knowledge to wipe out her entire clan, and kill her at the same time.

Skylar is known throughout the shifter world as the last Dragon Princess. Her brother Jamal is hated, and now that she’s pledged her allegiance to fight with the Alphas of Alpha City, her brother will be after her as well. What she hadn’t planned on, was the Alpha of the Banks Tigers to mean so much to her.

Time has run out in Alpha City for the Alphas who run it. They must band together to face a danger more powerful than anything they’ve ever known. With all their lives on the line, it’s not a question of when, but who, will die next.


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