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Katieran Prime Book 13

By KD Jones


Commander MarIK made a decision that led him down the wrong path. Now he has to find a way to help the Katierans and protect the beautiful negotiator who was in danger. Then he can take his own vengeance against the leader who used him and others and now made alliances with the enemy. OrIN had finally gone too far; MarIK would not let this slide. A day of reckoning was coming. May the Goddess help any who stood in the way.


Sharon was taken off guard not only by his actions but her response to him. His body heat drew her in. It was probably a mistake to let him get that close to her. Then he put his hands on her, pulled her body against his, and she didn’t fight it — couldn’t fight it — and didn’t want to. He kissed her.

Were there fireworks? No, fireworks would be too tame to describe what she felt when his lips touched hers. It was like the beginning — when a spark ignited and created a new solar system. Every part of her was suddenly alive and pulsing. It grew and grew as their kiss deepened.

Sharon found herself responding wholeheartedly, wrapping her arms around his neck and opening her mouth to let his tongue invade. He didn’t disappoint, either. MarIK moved one of his hands up to cup the back of her neck and tilted her head up so he could take control. He caressed her cheek with his thumb softly and stroked her tongue with his own. When she responded their tongues danced but his thumb remained gentle and firm. He made love to her mouth, nibbling on her lower lips, then taking her tongue again and again.

Her heart was pounding in her chest and, as she pressed against him, she could feel his own heartbeat racing just like hers. Neither the thin material of her dress nor his pants could hide the thick feel of his shaft pressing against her stomach. She wanted him naked so she could rub her body all over his. It was crazy to have such a strong attraction to someone like this. She had just met the man but she felt this pull between them, one that she desperately wanted to explore.



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