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Mack is back, and she means business. She has a crime boss that she and her partner are trying to locate and take down. Her fae abilities are growing, and she needs a trainer. And her parents are in town. So it’s a busy time.


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My parents dropped me off at the police station after a nice, but pricey, lunch. Alex had always liked expensive things. My mother fit easily into Alex’s world. She had so much class and style even at her younger age. I would have been fine with a cheeseburger and fries. I liked nice things, too, but I just wasn’t a fancy person.

After opening the door to the precinct, I walked through. A new female officer was manning the front desk. She was probably twenty with curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. She was sweet and seemed to sparkle, which made me feel the exact opposite—sour and dull. I shook those dire thoughts away, forcing a friendly smile on my face.

The chief and Ethan were at Ethan’s desk. I approached, and both men turned to look at me. The chief smiled, but Ethan just stared. I ignored him.

“Did you enjoy your lunch with your parents?” Chief Danvers asked.

“I did. Have I missed anything?” I asked, sitting at my desk and shuffling paper.

“The new task force is meeting in thirty minutes in the ops room.”

“I’ll be ready,” I told him. I watched him walk back to his office. Eyes were on me, and I knew who it was. Sighing, I finally turned my attention to my partner.


Ethan leaned forward and growled low. “He used glamour on a room full of cops.”

I looked around to see if anyone was listening. “We can’t have this conversation here.”

He stood abruptly. “Then follow me, because we will have this conversation.”

I followed him down the hall to an empty interrogation room. He closed the door behind me. Then he let his anger out.

“That vampire put our people at risk by using glamour.”

“Those vampires are my parents and all he did was calm the room and ease the questions building on everyone’s minds. Alex would never hurt innocent humans with his abilities.”

“Says you. Do you really know what a vampire will do?”

“I know my parents, who are both vampires and raised me!”

He moved closer in an intimidation move, but I would have none of it. I took a step forward, then another until our chests nearly touched. The heat of our bodies, the blending of our breaths, changed the atmosphere entirely. I saw the anger in his eyes change into a different heat—a sexual want and desire.

Ethan leaned his head down. Our lips were mere inches from melding into what would be a scorching kiss. He wanted it; I wanted it. Why couldn’t I take the final step to bring us together?




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